Robux: The Complete Guide

Robux: The Complete Guide

September 25, 2021 Comments Off on Robux: The Complete Guide By admin

In order to earn Robux, you need to earn them. Right now, there are multiple ways to earn Robux, but the most common way is through playing games. Some games have a daily limit, while others have a higher daily limit, and others have a higher monthly limit. How you acquire Robux depends on the game. Some games have a daily limit, and if you want to acquire more Robux, you need to play more games, and this will take time.

Other games have a monthly limit, and the more you play in a month, the more Robux you will earn. And still other games have a lifetime limit, and once you hit your lifetime limit, you won’t be able to earn clean Robux. But don’t despair. There are many other ways to earn Robux, and in this guide, we are going to go over all of the different ways you can earn Robux, including many that may surprise you.

So keep reading. UPDATE: As of September 2018, new sources of Robux have been added, including Robux from watching videos, playing mobile apps, taking surveys, shopping online with your credit card, and winning free giveaways. These are not included in the initial version of this guide (the one you are reading now), but they are now available, so I have updated it (above) to include them. Let’s get started!

Earning Robux Through Playing Free Online Games

Playing free online games is by far the most popular way to earn Robux. There are dozens and sometimes hundreds of different games you can play where you can win Robux, including both casual and skill-based games. Many of these games also have daily limits on how much Robux you can win, and other games have a monthly or lifetime limit on how much Robux you can win. So how do you know which ones are worth playing? And which ones will give you the best chance of winning a lot of Robux?

The answer to that last question is easy:

So sit tight, stay tuned, and let’s get started. First of all, if you play any of the free Roblox games, you will get a certain amount of Robux every day just for playing those games. The exact amount varies from day to day, but it is usually at least 20 Robux per day. Also, if you are signed into your account on a computer where there is also an active account with the same username and password, then you will also get an additional 10 Robux added to your account daily. This means if you have two computers with the same username and password, then you will get a total of 30 Robux added to your account daily. But anyway, let’s say you want to play more than just the free Roblox games. Let’s say you want to play all of the paid games, too. In that case, you need to spend some money. How much money you need to spend depends on which games you want to play. But I can tell you this: